About me

Backend Software Engineer @nanoPay, living in Toronto, Canada.

My name is Marco Gabriel Barcellos. I’m a Software Engineer currently working for nanopay. I started coding in 2007 and since then I’ve been trying to learn new things to be a great Software Engineer. There is still plenty of things to learn, but I’m very happy with the products, people, places and technologies I’ve experienced along my career. I’ve been working a lot with Java, Nodejs, Elixir, Javascript, Full Stack Development, ETL, Docker, AWS, Relational Databases (Postgresql, MySql, Sql Server, Oracle), NoSql(Mongodb, Couchdb, Elastic Search) and several other technologies.

My career history

I have a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree from the Universidade Federal Fluminense(UFF) and started my career working almost six years for Visagio, a consultancy company in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) which was a great experience as I needed to have the flexibility to understand business needs from several customers with completely different backgrounds(Oil and gas, Education, Mining, Industry, Social Networks, E-commerce) as well as have the skills to architect and implement solutions using plenty of languages, databases, frameworks and tools.

After Visagio, I had a great international experience working for a Dutch Startup located in Amsterdam, which primarily focus was building Analytics Tools for Event organizers. It was very exciting as I was working remote for my first time and I wasn’t used to their tech stack which was great as I love to be pushed out from my comfort zone and I must say I succeed learning and implementing systems and tools.

Now I’m working for nanopay here in Toronto as a Backend Software Engineer and I have to say that’s by far the most exciting and challenging role I’m facing: Working with payments is always challenging, specially when we need to scale it to be used by clients from all over the world. So the keywords for the backend team in nanopay are Scalability, Consistency, High Performance and Security.


Hailing from Rio de Janeiro(Brazil), it goes without saying that I love football (soccer-> Vasco da Gama), barbecues (you should try the famous brazilian beef called Picanha), working out (it doesn’t look like, right?), going to the beach(Yes, I move to Canada and I’m missing the South America beaches somehow, but Toronto is very cool too and surprisingly almost as hot as Rio in the Summer) and, last but not least, I love traveling with my wife Heloisa.